A Brief Description of Acupuncture Points

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Before you begin acupuncture treatment, whether with a professional or through self-treatment, it is important to know which system of acupuncture points you will be using. There are a variety of point systems, each with its own emphasis. In addition to the basic acupuncture points systems such as local area points or distal points, there are a variety of point systems based on intersections of a variety of meridians, including the pools of the body's qi or the intersections of lines drawn between various organs. Each point is named with both a series of letters and a number, which designates its location on the body. Because there are so many different points, even experienced acupuncturists sometimes need to consult a chart with the illustration of the location of the points.

The most basic system of acupuncture points is that of local area points. Needles placed along this point system are used to improve the flow of qi or blood in a certain area, to reduce inflammation or to ease pain. Another basic system of acupuncture points is that of adjacent points. These points are usually selected due to their close proximity to an injury, and are used specifically for treating the injured area. Another system of acupuncture points, distal points, is sometimes used together with that of adjacent points. The distal points system is based on junctures known as "extraordinary vessel pairings" where certain blood vessels come together. Since the vessels at the distal points connect with the twelve main meridians of the body, acupuncture here has very widespread effects.

There are a number of acupuncture points systems based on other meridians or pairings throughout the body. One of the most well-known systems is that of Yin/Yang pairings, for instance, that of SP 6, known as the "Three Yin Intersection". Other points systems may be recommended if you are diagnosed with a problem such as qi deficiency, excess yin or yang, or blood stagnation. Each of these conditions has a different points system to use for curing it, so be sure to consult your chart, or more extensive charts available on the internet before beginning.

Despite the wide variety of acupuncture points systems, once you know which one is for you, it is surprisingly easy to enjoy the benefits of acupuncture. With a little research beforehand, you can easily find out which system or combination of systems will give you the quickest and most effective treatment.

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