A Beginners Guide to Martial Arts

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Martial arts generally mean the art of defending yourself physically from the opponents who are trying to hurt you in some way.

There are certain techniques which are quite tough to learn and need continuous practice to master them. Though this is basically meant for self-defense but there are certain links that it shares with the religious beliefs and rituals of Hinduism, Confucianism or Buddhism.

This is assumed that the origination of the martial arts occurred in Asia but the practices gained popularity in the European countries and they were further modified into some special actions and postures. Martial art is also practiced in various parts of Africa and America with slight difference in the techniques.

Forms of Martial Arts

There are quite a number of forms which are included in the category of martial arts. The main movements are categorized into three sections which are wrestling, weaponry and striking. The section grappling or wrestling can again be divided into few sub-forms like throwing, pinning methods and joint locking. Classical wrestling and Judo are the two forms of pinning methods. Joint locking can be categorized into Aikido, Hapkido, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The throwing is all about Judo, Jujutsu, Shuai jiao, Glima and Sambo. The next section is grappling or wrestling. The striking method can be divided into three parts like Kicking, punching and other hits. Punching includes Wing Chung and boxing. Kicking has three forms which are Capoeira, Taekwondo and Savate. There are other strikes are Muay Thai, Shaolin KungFu and Karate.

The last form of the martial art is weaponry which is sub-divided into two forms like modern and traditional weaponry. Modern weaponry includes Eskrima, Jukendo, Jogo do Pau, and traditional weaponry is all about Gatka, Fencing, Silambam and Kendo. The other forms of martial arts are bone-setting, acupressure and acupuncture.

Training for Martial Arts

Shaping and strengthening the muscle training is an important part of martial arts training. There are various equipments available in the stores which will allow you to tone the muscles easily. Stretching and thigh kicking are two vital techniques that you need to perform regularly in order to master this act. The split leg equipment will be really helpful in this.

They will also tone the arm muscles and burn the fat in the abdominal area. Punching bags also play a crucial role in the training of martial arts. These are all heavy bags which are generally hung from the ceilings. The bags can be filled with either sand or water and the practice should be regular to increase the stamina. Kicking bags and shoes are also important accessories. These are the basic facts about martial arts which the learners should know to improve themselves.

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