9 points of the scaphoid fossa (O): points of the upper limb

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Location tip

The definition of these points begins with “Located in the scapha ….” Most of these points are located in relation to each other, and so it is necessary to know how to define each point (Figure 3.9).

26. Wrist: Located in the scapha, opposite the tubercle of the helix.

27. Finger: Located in the scapha in its uppermost portion. The points are an area vs. a single point. I picture this area like the length of extended fingers.

28. Allergy: Located in the scapha, midway between the Wrist and Finger points.

29. Shoulder: Located in the scapha, level with the crus of the helix. Some texts place this point at the level of the supratragic notch.

30. Elbow: Located in the scapha, midway between the Wrist and the Shoulder points.

31. Clavicle: Located in the scapha, level with the height of the antitragus. Some sources place the Clavicle point as level with the notch above the antitragus.

32. Shoulder Joint: Located in the scapha, midway between the Shoulder and Clavicle points.

33. Thyroid: Located on the medial border of the scapha, parallel but slightly inferior to the Throat and Teeth point (see point F 89).

34. Nephritis: Located below the Clavicle point, at the end of the lateral border of the scapha.

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