8 points of the cymba concha (I): the abdominal organ points

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Location tip

The points of the cymba concha are located in relation to each other, as are the points of the cavum concha and scaphoid fossa. Each point is located in a sector. Divide the length of the cymba concha horizontally in half following the natural curvature of the cymba concha. Then diagonally divide the cymba concha equally into thirds as illustrated in Figure 3.11. This produces six sectors in the cymba concha. They are named as sectors #1, #2, and #3, going from lateral to medial in the lower half of the cymba concha. Sectors #4, #5, and #6 are numbered from medial to lateral in the upper half of the cymba concha.

Figure 3.11 Points of the cymba concha (I)

Figure 3.11 Points of the cymba concha (I)

48. Duodenum: Located in the 1st sector.

49. Small Intestine: Located in the 2nd sector.

50. Large Intestine: Located in the 3rd sector.

51. Appendix: Located at the junction of the 2nd and 3rd sect

52. Bladder: Located in the 4th sector directly above the Large Intestine point.

53. Kidney: Located in the 5th sector directly above the Small Intestine point.

54. Ureters: Located at the junction of the 4th and 5th sectors (between the Kidney and Bladder points).

55. Pancreas/Gallbladder: Located in the 6th sector directly above the Duodenum point. The Chinese say the Gallbladder point is located in the right ear and the Pancreas point in the left ear. Hans Ulrich Hecker makes a further discrimination by maintaining that “the head of the pancreas is also projected on the right ear, while the body and the tail are projected on the left.”3 I do not make these distinctions, but rather equally treat both the pancreas and the gallbladder through each ear.

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